Built in compliance with requirements

The Brock Condominiums manages to show impeccable attention to its finishing look. With each completion of a construction phase comes an inspection phase headed by a team of qualified experts who ensure that every single nook and cranny is in compliance with requirements.

At every level of completion, you will be grateful for the expertise and the know-how that comes from each of our professionals. The Brock Condominiums are offered with every capital gain necessary to make your dream become real.

At the Brock Condominiums, we realize that we are the designers of your living space but above all, we strive to ensure that your every need is met.

  • Solid stone and brick exterior finish
  • Bright and spacious interior
  • 9-feet ceilings in all living spaces
  • Reinforced concrete and sound-proof flooring
  • Soundproofing of walls and sidewalls
  • Located at just a few minutes away from all amenities